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Home improvement giants Home Depot and Lowe’s are perfect for anyone who is interested in spring cleaning or who wants to get ready for a busy summer gardening and barbecuing. Buyers receive discounts on seeds, mulch, yard sets, charcoal, and more during the sale, which runs through Sunday, April 9 at Home Depot and Monday, April 10 at Lowe’s.

However, keep in mind that selling is a mixed bag before going to the stores or bringing your online shopping cart. Retailers know that the term “Black Friday” is like catnip for MyLowesLife shoppers. For this reason, stores have been known to start selling on Black Friday well before Thanksgiving and run BF campaigns in the summer and spring.

As with the “real” day, fake Black Friday deals are usually a mix of real bargains and more sales. Therefore, buyers should carefully contact them and compare prices to determine if the prices are shown are really reasonable. The promotions listed below seem like good deals.

The best time to buy garden furniture is probably in the late summer and early fall when stores try to outsource the rest of the high season. But let’s be honest: Most people are not a game to buy patio games, even at retail prices, if they have to put them on the floor for months before using them.


MyLowesLife is an online login portal launched by the Lowes to make the life of the employees serving it easy. This online portal eliminates the need for visiting the HR department every time they want to access any sort of information.
MyLowesLife online portal is one of the best efforts by the Lowes to enhance the mental peace of the employees serving them.

Mulch can be one of the main types of property lost in hardware stores. Homeowners who take care of their backyards have an infinite need for mulch, and stores sometimes cut prices so low that they are unlikely to be profitable just to lure shoppers to get to where the retailers are. They expect others to buy. Goods that are not necessarily for sale.

MyLowesLife portal eases out the burden of the employees working at the Lowes to a great extent. Just be submitting the login credentials, the employees can access their details related to their work easily. They can check the details like the work schedule, the pay stub information, etc. by signing to their MyLowesLife account. If you are an employee of the Lowes, you should definitely register yourself on the official MyLowesLife portal.

The Price Factor At MyLowesLife

Home Depot and Lowe’s announce super cheap coverage prices this weekend, and savings could increase if you carry dozens of bags. Lowe’s sells two cubic foot bags of brown, black, and red envelopes for $ 2.50 each, instead of the usual $ 3.33. Home Depot sells various types of covers, including Vigoro Wood Bags for $ 2 per bag (usually $ 3) and Scott’s Earthgro for $ 2.50 per bag (usually $ 3.67).

It is only on Friday that Home Depots “Daily Specials” offer huge discounts on various Honeywell air filter packages, which are useful because they have to be replaced every three months with air conditioning systems. For example, a 16 “x 16” Honeywell air filter, which generally sells for $ 10.97 each, will be available online on Friday for a special price of $ 22.99 for a set of 4 $ 37.29.

If you don’t have a MyLowesLife gas grill but like to cook, you know you’re likely to burn a ton of charcoal in the coming months. Carrying coal over Lowe’s sales weekend saves money and keeps you from running to the store on a Saturday in the near future. A pack of two Kingsford charcoal briquettes costs $ 12.99, or 35% of the normal price of $ 19.99 at Lowe’s (and $ 19.87 at Home Depot) through Monday, April 10.

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