How to Install FaceTime on PC?

If you have an iPhone or MacBook, you’ve probably used FaceTime for PC, Apple’s video and voice app. While FaceTime has always been helpful in keeping in touch, when considering social distance measurements, it has become even more important to stay connected with friends and family.

You can have up to 32 people on a FaceTime for PC call. This makes it a good option for video chatting when you don’t want to download any other apps to make a group video call as long as you and your friends have Apple devices. It cannot be installed on a Windows or Android device and is not available for all countries and operators. However, you can use it between different devices if one friend is on the MacBook and the rest of the friends are using the iPhone.

If you haven’t tried FaceTime for PC yet but want to use it, follow the steps below to get started and join Group FaceTime calls on your iPhone and Mac.

You can use the FaceTime app to start a group call. If you’re already chatting with a group of messages, you can start a group FaceTime session from there.

FaceTime for PC

FaceTime for PC allows you to access the application on your desktop. This application is loved by millions of people who have used the same. Also, the FaceTime for PC has increased the convenience of the users to a good extent.
As FaceTime for PC application can be used on laptops, users can access the app anywhere and anytime.
It is easy to install the FaceTime for PC on your computer. You can use the application only after installing it.


  • Open the app
  • Click the + icon in the upper right corner (without circle).
  • Write the names or numbers of the people you want to talk to. If they are in your contact list, their names are displayed as you type, and you can click any name to add them to the call.
  • You can also click the circle with a + to open your contact list and select people. Touch your name to open the contact and touch your number to add it.
  • Press the green video button to start a video call or the audio button to start an audio call.


  • Open the app
  • Open a group conversation or an existing conversation in the messaging app
  • Tap the contact icons at the top of the screen (these are balloons with profile pictures of your contacts, initials, or an icon with a character’s head and shoulders).
  • Click on the FaceTime icon to start the call.

To add someone to a FaceTime call:

  • Touch the screen
  • Swipe up to move the menu up
  • Press “add person”
  • Tap + to add someone from your contacts, or type the name or phone number in the bar at the top and select a contact from the results
  • Tap “Add someone to FaceTime”.


You can also make FaceTime for PC video and audio calls from your Mac whenever you are running macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or later. You must also sign in with your Apple ID.

Open FaceTime

  • Enter the names, phone numbers, or email addresses of the people you want to chat within the search bar
  • Click on the video or audio icon, depending on the type of call you want to make
  • You must start the video or audio button at the bottom left of the screen to start the call.

This will send the notification to the people you want to chat with. You must click this notification to access another screen where you can press another button to log in.

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