A crazy day at the McDVOICE

Last month, Los Angeles employees identified McDonald’s unsafe working conditions and required basic personal protective equipment as they continued their work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Although McDonald’s has promised to provide gloves, detergents, and social distance at certain restaurants, some workers said they still don’t have enough supplies to spend money every day. They couldn’t get masks. Gloves should be reused from job to job, workers said.

However, don’t think that McDonald’s managers pay little attention to the emotional well-being of employees.

In early April, as the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocketed across the country, the government released an optimistic schedule at least two offices in Los Angeles. Everyday life at McDVOICE was thematic and encouraged employees to join in on McDonald’s Trivia Game Day, Raffle Day, and Candy Day or wear their “favorite McDonald’s shirt”. April 29 is crazy noon.

“This is not what we were looking for. It is an insult and a slap, honestly,” said Angélica Hernández, who led the march.

Workers at the McDVOICE view the calendar as an attempt to “buy simple candy for us,” Hernandez said through a translator asking staff to stop talking about unsafe conditions in the restaurant.

This activity [a clear indication of employee protests at various McDonald’s locations] is not representative of what we see across the country, where 99% of restaurants are open to transportation, delivery, and healthcare and the first to respond. The spokesman said, adding that the company “is constantly changing the operations reported by health officials.”

McDonald’s also said it had seen no disruption to its normal glove and detergent supply chain.

When it comes to supplies, disinfectants, gloves, or masks, it’s a lie enough, said Hernández.

McDVOICE Participation Steps

To participate in the McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.mcdvoice.com, you need to follow some steps that are explained below:

  1. Firstly, visit the official portal of the McDVOICE at the address.
  2. Now, you will be requested to submit some details like the date and time of the visit, the store number of the McDVOICE, the survey code printed on the purchase receipt, etc.
  3. After that, a McDVOICE Survey questionnaire will be displayed on your screen.
  4. This questionnaire consists of some questions that are based on your last visit to McDonald’s.
  5. You need to answer each and every question of this questionnaire honestly.
  6. After you answer all the questions, tap “Submit”.
  7. At last, McDVOICE will ask you to submit some basic contact details. These details will be used by McDonald’s to contact the lucky winner of this customer satisfaction survey.
  8. At last, you will be dispatched a validation code that is needed to be redeemed by you, when you visit the McDonald’s next time.

The pandemic has caused a sudden lack of basic protection in hospitals and businesses across the country.

McDonald’s has promised “to provide non-medical masks for the areas where they are most needed,” but it is unclear where these masks will be available. In a letter dated April 3, McDonald’s President Joe Erlinger said employees are subject to daily temperature controls.

Thus, it is clear that participating in the mcdovice.com survey at www.mcdvoice.com is not a difficult task at all.

Erlinger concluded: “Take care of yourself and your family while we also take care of our McFamily.”

Hernández said his site has yet to make these temperature measurement efforts. Although the company’s official policy has been to grant two weeks of paid sick leave to employees affected by COVID-19, Hernández has been informed that employees in his area have been informed if they work on company premises. They were only on sick leave for three days.

McDVOICE’s franchises with more than 500 employees do not have to take paid sick leave under the Family Coronavirus Response Act passed last month.

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